Simple and precise detection of pathogens.

Detechgene tests are as precise as a PCR performed in the laboratory. The DetechStamp and DetechChip allow our tests to be used anywhere in the world.

The Challenge:Time-consuming process with high costs.

Our Solution: Reliable results within 30 minutes.

The Detechgene Procedure

1 Sample

The sample is taken and placed in a tube.

2 Filling DetechStamp

The tube is inserted into the DetechStamp from above.

3Filling DetechChip

The DetechChip is pushed into the DetechStamp and the DetechStamp is pressed down.


The DetechChip is heated to 65°C for 30 minutes.

5 Result

Two viewing windows in the DetechChip indicate whether the test is negative (red) or positive (yellow).

Our Technology


Applicable to any DetechChip
Easy & safe sample handling


A DetechChip for every disease
Detechgene's reaction mix provides reliable results
Cost effective from the start

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